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Aimee sets out on her life journey. Eager to discover the wonders set before her, she embarks upon her little vessel and sails away. Where will this divine river lead? What changes will it bring? Will she find strength and love as she drifts through the magical forest of dreams? Will the cave of shadows challenge her as she steadily navigates its course? Will Aimee find her rainbow, and acquire the greatest treasure of her life? There’s only one way to find out. Embark the tiny vessel and take the journey with her, page by page in this meaningful storybook.

Reviewer: Darleen Wohlfeil
Story Monsters Ink magazine


Aimee boards her boat Divine Inspiration on a journey to discover a relationship with mother Earth in this tale based on a Hopi legend. The illustrations are charming and the heroine inspiring. Although aimed at children, the messages and themes in this book will resonate with and be instructive for adult readers as well. A perfect gift for anyone interested in going forth on their own spiritual journey.

Reviewer: Anna Nair
Self Unbound digital issue